Navajo Mountain



That legendary span at the heart of Glen Canyon, that superlative monument of rock sacred to five native tribes. Looking by moonlight like a bridge between the worlds.

But the stench in my nostrils (a common cold feeding into chronic sinusitis bacterial infection) is threatening to turn this otherwise blessed medicine journey night into a nightmare.

Come to think of it: wasn’t that same smell of disease present earlier today at the edge of Lake Powell, 2 sinuous miles downcanyon? The smell of small polluted harbors of the Mediterranean Sea? Lake Powel, reservoir that has disrupted the flow of water, the flow of spirit, in an entire region?

Try to imagine: several days of hiking in pristine desert wilderness to end at a faux-adobe plastic bathroom house set on floating metal deck. A surreal experience!

And tonight?

A prayer, a surrender, some free association of air molecules...and a moment of inspiration (don't inhale through your nose!) saves the night.

Rainbow Bridge: where Native medicine holds sway with gentle strength.

The power of Air, the power of Five, the power of no binding and true freedom.

Free Rainbow Bridge! Free Glen Canyon! Free the Colorado River!