(shrine of the Stone Pumas + cave of the Horned Serpent)



4-16-2020 12 BEN (Tree of Life) : personal New Fire *

The two tree stumps remains from my Santa Fe 'hallowed ground' (where vision of the Mandãla was received) are brought to the Shrine of the Stone Pumas and enwalled in its circular enclosure. They are now permanently enshrined in a revered locale of the American Southwest, one connected to the great feline spirit. A site tied to my personal history, path, and mythology.

Last segment of New Fire ritual is undertaken at the Cave of the Horned Serpent, perched on a cliffside.

This vast, illuminated and liminal cave-mouth open to a dark, starry sky? No photo will ever do justice to that.

For such spiritual panorama extends past the frame of any display screen. Such panoramic spirituality extends past the walls of any named church.

* New Fire: the 52-year synchronization of the vague solar year cycle with the Mesoamerican Sacred Count