Escalante [aborted]



Several days of nearly unparalled, fireworks-level ‘notifications’ by the Serpent ― with a strong karmic overtone. I get it: this journey will not only be explosively potent (it could be my last in fact), it resonates with the sinews of destiny in this and other lifetimes.

Compounding the signs, trip preparations are punctuated by a series of upsets both personal and collective (the later pertaining to the U.S. presidential election).

I depart, well prepared but late on schedule and tired from a week of too little sleep and too much emotional roller-coasting.

THE TSUNAMI (car crash #1)

2:00 PM. Breaking hard for a dog busy at chasing cars on the road:

3-gallon water jug comes flying from the back, shattering on the dashboard. A tsunami is unleashed inside the vehicle, the wall of water rising in slow mo on the inside of the windshield. The wave comes crashing down, pouring into every opening (air vents, dashboard buttons, audio speaker grilles, glove box, ...), drenching the seats, the floor, everything in between and beyond. Vehicle electronics go beserk.

After removing some fuses i keep on driving, hoping for the best. Of most concern is my handheld gps unit: if ruined, the adventure will have to be cancelled. But the device eventually dries up.

THE DEER (car crash #2)

2:14 AM. The road is straight and clear...until suddenly it isn’t:

like a chess piece placed at a moment’s notice, the deer is not 10ft away. Hypnotised by the floodlights, or by the stare of the cobra, it is frozen in place. There is not even time for the foot to hit the break's a 60 miles/hr crash.

The vehicle has stopped dead in its tracks (i was listening to a track with the title of ‘Running’). Pegasus for a brief moment the animal has flown 60ft away. It is dead also (its soul soars again). Me, i have hardly felt the impact.

Coming to my senses the devastation is slowly taken in. OMG.


Was i tempting the fates heading out into the wilderness at that juncture in time? Maybe so.

How about re-enacting some past karma with a non-conscious, resignated death wish? Harder to say.

I also believe that heading out to meet my destiny in whichever way it would choose to manifest was the appropriate response ― the sole that could properly engage and acknowledge my spiritual overseers while absorbing the core intensity of the Martian energies present at the time.

Would have i met my literal end in the wilderness? Given the nature of the omens and the astrology involved [see below] it's very possible.

Carrying no psychedelic medicine there would have been no metaphorical death possible. Instead the Serpent-Jaguar (or its corresponding parts in my unconscious) chose to sacrifice the 'avatar' that was my motor vehicle. I was spared physically but brought down to my knees and humbled to the core. Come to think of it: a psychedelic experience of the highest order.


― 12 CHIKCHAN: ‘Serpent’ day during the IX (‘Jaguar’) trecena. One of only 2 dates in the 260-day calendar that combine Serpent and Jaguar archetypes: constituents of the Mandala organism and overseers of my personal destiny. Also the onset of my personal ‘Serpent’ trecena period and 52-day shift period.

― Full Moon on natal Mars (forward momentum, fronts, metals, accident-prone).
― Pluto (complete breakdown, death-and-rebirth, explosivity) squaring natal Nodal Axis (past & future karmic experiences).

― Lunar Return for that month showing Mars (keywords above) exactly conjunct Aquarius Ascendant (suddenness and unpredictability, also accident-prone). Special destiny number 52 is on striking display: 4 Aqu 52 for the Ascendant, exact time of Return 11:52:52 AM.

― Local Space compass showing Pluto line (keywords above) running exact through crash site.
― Pluto-on-the-MC (keywords above) and Chiron-on-the-IC (private wound) lines running near crash site.