name                           Jean-Philippe Mul

born                             1968 / Tzolkin day-sign BEN

homebase                    Santa Fe, NM

activities                       visionary architect / counseling astrologer / wilderness adventurer / monofin swimmer

short biography            [external link]

name                           Rob Thomas

born                             1969 / Tzolkin day-sign AKBAL

homebase                    Santa Fe, NM

activities                       sound artist / didgeridoo crafstman

short biography            [external link]


psilocybe mushrooms of common strain, at times combined with an extract of Peganum Harmala (Syrian Rue) — constituting what has been called mushroom ayahuasca (
psilocybin + MAO inhibitor)


digital soundworlds sculpted by Steve Roach

Rob's agave didgeridoos crafted by himself

Jean-Philippe's hoodoo elf hat designed by Montbell

earphones by Ultimate Ears

camera by Nikon

equipment by Arcteryx, Gregory, Jetboil, Mountainsmith, North Face, Outdoor Research, Osprey, REI, Salomon, Smartwool, Thermarest.


photo sources              Jean-Philippe Mul (additional photography by Rob Thomas

photo editing                Jean-Philippe Mul