Tonight’s eclipse will occur on 1 MULUK (Rain) so there is astrological doubt that i (or much anyone else) will have clear view of it. In fact i have hardly seen the sun in the last 5 days.

But it isn’t my concern at the moment: i am walking along a narrow, very narrow, ledge on the face of the cliff, suspended between the precipitous abyss below and the dark vertical mass of rock above. Trying to find a way up: there might be one but i lack the shoes and climbing skills to successfully negotiate it. After a couple of half-hearted attempts i give up and turn back. Just a dozen meters above,
unbeknownst to me, lies the site of tonight’s ritual: ‘False Kiva’ — aptly named and truly laughing in the hidden recess of her Scorpionic lair.

it is several hours of a long, tiresome way around. Running low on water, with no gps coordinates, i have to find the site before dark. I will get there in the nick of time.