At long, long, long, so long last, the sinking ship hits cold, dark, unfathomable depths... But it's only a fraction of a still moment before being condemned to relive that same Titanic drama in another age, era, sun, eon ― each larger than the on and so long, ad vitam æternam. By off chance i have hit this metahistorical zero concrescence, that pinnacle event. But
being 'King of the World' entails a heavy price. The painful blinding brilliance of AJAW’s sun bounces back on facing mirrors...forever and ever.

Into the myth i have fallen and am drowning. Not realizing the mirror, i can’t stop the reflection. Narcissus did not know either...and look what happened to him.
But this is an instance where myth and dreams can show you the danger of myth and dreams. The valuable lessons of this excruciating journey (#150)
: disturb the surface, break the mirror, shift your outlook. Develop that agility, or suffer.