WINTER 09        

this swirling tapestry does not lift on the beyond…not enough DMT inhaled, which quickly stops to matter: JP is hyperventilating in the deadly cocoon of his sleeping bag, he has but a few seconds to get out…in synaptic links the brain over, neurotransmitters of survival kick out the spirit molecule…waves of pure life energy rush through the body electric exposed to the winter wilderness...immersed in the sheer viscerality of it all!

R has fallen off a snow-covered rock slab…the fibulae bone is broken at the ankle. we assess the situation: we are illegal in the canyon, so getting rescue will entail legal troubles. instead, R will walk on 2 wooden crutches and one shoe, somehow managing pain and avoiding frosbite. JP will treck back and forth carrying packs. we don't factor the storm that comes in and dumps 2 feet of snow. it will take us 2 days to hike out.

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