A full-blown journey with 5MeO DMT
is an experience that can be nothing short of terrifying
a rocket-launch straight into the heart of the Mystery
around which all APOLLO adventures can be said to orbit.

The following is an attempt at putting into words that which cannot be described.

you have dared to leave

the Dream of the Human Monkey

and enter the Mystery


you have agreed to the rush

of imploding consciousness


reflecting back makes one shiver:


when the veil is lifted

(that is, ripped apart

in infinite tornadoes of silence)

the scene behind drills holes in the eyes

through which you pass


 — breathe! —

like a sun collapsing

thru light-years of Creation


— breathe! —

past this howling hologram

into the Emptiness of Non-Existence

(words cannot keep up and turn back)


— breathe! —

(each obsidian breath expands the chest)

as you surrender to the raging wilderness

to the Source that Knows No Boundary


— keep breathing! —

it is your birthright to awaken


fluent in the Living Language of Light

yet aware of the Emptiness Behind the Mask


mankind has built cities of reality

to cover that impossible foundation

written bibles of scriptures

to hide that unspeakable truth


all the wise Ancestors of your Future & Past

they wear headdresses of feathers

from birds that never flew and never will


let it be known:

dead you are already


let it now be known:

all is healed

in the Experience of Oneself


and let it forever be known:

love cannot be compared


not until

it starts to crystallize in a drop of dew

and you reenter the Dream of the Human Monkey