SPRING 12        

scrubs throw their hardened spikes against a vast and darkened sky
broken slabs of limestone glow ancient in a moonlit night

the relatively unknown Dolmen de Minerve offers a high vibrational rate, with energies stronger than many sacred sites in France: press your forehead directly against the rock and you may rapidly get a headache...
note that in dolmens, these energies (as investigated by researchers in the fields of geobiology/radiesthesy) are usually found negative inside chambers (revealing funerary functions) and positive outside. making journeying inside an initiatic endeavor reserved for the shamanically inclined.

[night vision from Dolmen de Fades table] tumulus open like cracked eggs, their chambers exposed to the elements...pillaged, vandalized, touristifed at the hand of modern man. one by one, stone by stone, sacred sites disappear; as their numbers decrease, the power of the one left increase...

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