SUMMER 12        

walking the the coastline of the rugged cap of my birthtown, surrounded by some of the most exclusive real estate on the planet, i am drawn by a small marble plaque bolted in the rock: "pour SABRINA / emportee par une vague / le 28 octobre 1997 / a l'age de 15 ans"

O Sabrina, thy fated name! (according to legend that of a Welch princess who drowned in the Severn river, giving her name to it)
O Sabrina, thy fated rendez-vous! (on 10-28-97 the sun was at 5deg. of Scorpio, which has the following Sabian symbol: “A massive rocky shore resists the pounding of the sea”)
O Sabrina, thou “sad virgin” (whose tears moisted my skin as i knelt by her grave)

sacrificed to appease Poseidon she was taken by him but in turn he must have been taken by her...for she now rides in his chariot, dolphins alongside...

i intuit this because we are a few days later and i swim around the cap, swim in a ritual for her whom i never met yet who touched my soul. the monofin i wear carries the brand name ‘Minos’ (the Minos of Greek myth, having offended Poseidon, was responsible for finding virgin youths to feed the Minotaur monster created as direct result of that offense). reversing the course the sacrificed maiden had taken, i climb back from sea to shore; then and there a crab pinches me, drawing blood...

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