At the foot of Rainbow Bridge — that legendary span at the heart of the Glen Canyon wilderness...that superlative monument of stone sacred to 5 native tribes...looking under the moonlight for all the world like a bridge between the worlds.
But the stench...a common cold, feeding into chronic sinusitis, is proving redoubtable foe ― threatening to turn this otherwise blessed night into a real nightmare.

Come to think of it: wasn’t it that same smell of disease earlier on today at the shore of Lake Powell, 2 sinuous miles downriver? Lake Powell, disrupting the flow of water and spirit all around it? Smelling like any small polluted harbor of the Mediterranean Sea? Just imagine: several days of hiking in pristine desert wilderness to end up
in the middle of canyon nowhere at a faux adobe plastic bathroom house on floating metal deck...a surreal experience.
[Ask your local Park Ranger: no drugs needed at Lake Powell!]
But tonight?.. A prayer, an offering of surrender, free association made among air molecules...until a blessed moment of simple inspiration (just
don’t breathe through your nose!) saves the night.

Rainbow Bridge: where native medicine has a gentle strength...the power of Air, power of Five, power of no bindings and true freedom.
Free Rainbow Bridge! Free Glen Canyon! Free the Colorado River!