In the soft blue hue and hard cold dawn of a day just born, a sea unfurls in slow motion. Waves white envelop and lap rising islands of rock set ablaze by the light of the rising sun. I have awoken at the top of the world and behold the revealing veil of Maya, the stone-creating translucence of a desert Goddess who has not yet realized that i am witnessed to her naked wonder. Who cares at what price: right now i am drunk with morning glory. The chest has no choice but to expand.

Meanwhile — like, a world away — a small crowd is gathered around a lone car parked in sand and frost. Somewhat concerned for my safety, two Police SUV’s, one Park Ranger truck and two Search & Rescue ATV’s are looking for me... The kind of assistance i sure could have used a few days later when said car gets stuck in mud — requiring 12 miles of brisk walking to get help