For a decade now, we had loved it as the ‘Hawk’s Nest’. On departure day i learn that this central feature of Bisti Badlands is Golden Eagle property. We had it wrong all along...
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A frantic day of preparations and finally ready to leave. Relaxing into the car seat i turn the ignition and...Wow! A ball of fire (brighter than a half-moon) splits windshield and night sky.
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The bare landscape of Bisti-DeNaZin has been traversed...a crisscrossing, sandy walk of some 50kms against freezing winds. Now entering the familiar, hallowed ground of my dedicated journey spot. Just then, improbably, 2 day-hikers approach from the other end ― at once shattering the solitude, peace, and feeling of sanctity for the place.
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From 230 to 70 million years ago, it had taken a particular sequence of sedimentary deposition from lush deltas, swamps, wetlands...intense pressures, temperatures, geochemical processes. It had, then, taken just the right amount of tectonic uplift and specific climatic conditions for erosion by wind and water...20 millions years of patient sculpting. Resulting in this balanced hoodooed beauty — a miracle of nature! And for what?...for a modern idiot with camera (me) to carelessly dislodge that which had been standing long before his most distant primate ancestors — a miracle of stupidity!
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The blood-orange of the full moon eclipse is taking me by ominous look and feel.
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