Walking the rugged coastline of the Cap of my birthtown, surrounded by some of the most exclusive real estate on the planet, i am drawn to a small marble plaque bolted in the rock: "pour SABRINA / emportee par une vague / le 28 octobre 1997 / a l'age de 15 ans".

O Sabrina, thy fated name!
[According to legend that of a Welch princess who drowned in the Severn river, giving her name to it.]

O Sabrina, thy fated rendez-vous!
[10-28-97 is 9 MANIK' ("self-sacrifice for the greater good") of the KAWAK [Storm] trecena
in the Maya Calendar. On that day the sun was at 5deg. of Scorpio, which has the Sabian symbol: “A massive rocky shore resists the pounding of the sea".]

O Sabrina, thou “sad virgin”
[Whose tears moists my skin as i kneel by her name.]

Sacrificed to appease Poseidon she was taken by him. But in turn he must have been taken by her...for she now rides in his chariot, dolphins alongside.
I intuit this because we are a few days later and i swim around the Cap — in a ritual for her whom i never met yet who touched so deep my soul. The monofin i wear is branded ‘Minos’.
[The Minos of Greek myth, having offended Poseidon, was responsible for finding virgin youths to feed the Minotaur, monster born of that offense.]
Reversing the course the sacrificed maiden has taken i climb back from sea to shore. A crab pinches my toe, drawing blood.